Africa – 2013

Francois Hollande, Socialist Party candidate

Africa – 2013

January 2013

The Mali Trap

French troops face complicated military landscape in Mali

Mali Army, Riding U.S. Hopes, Is Proving No Match for Militants

War on Terror in Mali
by Philip Giraldi
January 24, 2013

In order to avoid making a mistake, Washington inevitably and automatically magnifies every hiccup internationally into a threat, mobilizing massive resources that lead to the proverbial flea being smashed with a sledge hammer. That there is some kind of existential threat resulting from international terrorism is pretty much a myth. There are lethal insurgencies and terrorist groups to be sure but most have strictly local agendas and nearly all are being hunted and hounded successfully by every police and intelligence agency in the world. Terrorists ready, willing, and, most important, able to travel to Europe or the United States and successfully undertake a terrorist action are few, which means that the United States alone is spending some hundreds of billions of dollars to counter at most a handful of extremists.

But neither a reality check regarding the actual nature of the threat, the genuine policy options, or the absurdity of a four star General sitting in Stuttgart presiding over an Africa Command will really make any difference, one suspects. There are a lot of badass special ops dudes over at CIA and in the Defense Department who are raring to go coupled with enough voices in the White House who favor humanitarian intervention to make it all happen, so the U.S. will likely soon be fully engaged in Africa even though it doesn’t know what is going on and has no vital interests. Just watch it happen.

9 questions about Mali you were too embarrassed to ask

Hollande: Algeria Hostage Blowback Shows Mali Invasion Justified

As French troops press attack in Mali, rebels digging in
JANUARY 18, 2013

Many US Officials Dispute Mali Militants Pose Any Threat
‘Washington is concerned that greater US involvement could make Mali a magnet for would-be jihadis from elsewhere,’ AP reports.
by John Glaser, January 17, 2013
December 2012

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